01. His hockey career came to an [abrupt] end because of knee problems.
02. Their honeymoon came to an [abrupt] halt when the bride found her new husband in the arms of another woman.
03. The Finance Minister's [abrupt] departure from the Cabinet was a major topic of discussion in the news today.
04. My boss was very [abrupt] when I spoke to him today, so obviously there's something wrong.
05. The taxi came to an [abrupt] stop in front of the train station.
06. His [abruptness] in speaking to people really turns a lot of people off.
07. The woman stopped speaking [abruptly] and looked up with fear.
08. The conversation ended [abruptly] when the children entered the room.
09. He is always very [abrupt] when speaking to children and never really listens to them.
10. The mountain rises [abruptly] from the seashore.
11. The bicycle trail comes to an [abrupt] end at the river.
12. He was fired as a salesman because he was too [abrupt] with clients.
13. His teaching career ended [abruptly] after he was accused of sexually touching a young boy.
14. My ex-wife was very [abrupt] with me when I tried to speak to her at my daughter's birthday party.
15. Ambrose Pierce once described revolution as an [abrupt] change in the form of misgovernment.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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